Material over Mind: shrinking thoughts!

My daughter and I were watching a small segment from Ancient Aliens which speculates possibilities of how The Kailasanatha Caves in Ellora might have gotten constructed.


As one can see from this aerial image, the topography in that geography is quite clear. Now place yourself at the bottom centre of the monument - breathtaking, isn’t it?! After the dopamine hit from the marvel settles down, the mind will but wanders and begin to contemplate evaluating possibilities of how this marvel might have gotten created. Wouldn’t it?

Hmmm!!! So let us try to work everything backwards from where we are today to evaluate who we are.

Stephen Hawking has said that ‘in a universe with 100 billion galaxies, with each containing hundreds of millions of stars, it is unlikely that Earth is the only place where life has evolved.’ But what amazes me is: if there is life form outside of Earth, then why should we always feel that the alien creatures are far more advanced or evolved than us human?

Modern civilizations have been built around two natures in human-kind: the one who wishes to be a master, and the other who wishes to be a slave. This civilization, which is predominantly materialistic as a culture, is driven by the above psycho-social motive that feeds on human fear. Therefore, although a master, he is still not free, and always prefers to be a slave of a different kind: fearing the unknown! This psychological reason should also fit for explaining why modern mankind feel that an alien is more stronger and can wipe out our entire race.

The fears of the masters, the decision makers in the society, does not approve free-thinkers outside the materialistic culture. Therefore the world to a human mind is shown through a tiny keyhole. That is the reason why today’s generation look for answers in everything physical - what eyes can see, what ears can hear, what nose can smell, what tongue can taste: all being real, all others being unreal. Hence, if science say aliens exist, then automatically we allow our fears to assume: that aliens are harmful; that aliens will wipe out our entire race.

Could it not be possible that the fears we feel are a reflection of our own true self…?

If yes, then what if, the science and technology that we created is in fact controlling us as our alter ego? What if, we are wiping out communities, traditions and cultures not known to us? What if, we have become aliens to our own ancestors? What if, we are destroying the little that is left behind as theirs?

It is said that fear is only a effect while the root cause for all fears is pride. Today our pride is that we know we are the most evolved. We pride ourselves as the most advanced. We pride that we have set foot on the Moon. We pride that we have built satellites and sent them to space, even beyond. We pride that we know the composition behind every matter. We pride that we can fight diseases with medicines. However... If we knew everything, then why do fear an unknown that we cannot explain? What is the problem in accepting an unknown that may be dark, and why does this dark always have to be evil?

What fails my little mind is how the new generation of ‘I know!’ are so hypocritical. Marvel Entertainment creates one film after another on Superheros. They are certainly enjoyable as entertainment. One story after another is reeled based on science: space, time continuum or harnessing an “unknown” source of energy which superheroes show-off to ultimately save the world. We don’t have a problem believing these science fiction stories, but... we doubt that one Vyasa could have written the Mahabharata. We don’t have a problem believing in the possible existence of an Ironman or Hulk, but… we have doubts if Rama and Krishna were history of this land.

How can this rational be explained?

Truth is, although an evolved species, we have become less tolerant and more spineless in our attitude: towards our environment, new cultures and old traditions. Our pride: that we know everything is simply blinding us, limiting our vision to only information and more of it. And it is our own pride which comes in our way to free our mind, thereby free ourselves. If only we were even half as sensitive as our alien ancestors, perhaps we might not have lost the tigers that we are now trying to save so desperately. If only we were even half as enlightened as our alien ancestors, perhaps we might know how to heal each other or just our own self. If only we showed some humility, we might also be able to match our ancestors’ heightened aesthetic sensibilities and crania capabilities.

If this pride has to end, then Knowledge has to supersede material: likewise, art has to supersede science once again. Art is the closest lie that can express the mind’s reaches, hence there is a Nataraja, hence there is a Kailasa, hence there is a Shiva. Science should ideally observe the patterns of Shiva, the Unknown. If the studies aligned itself with a Universal purpose, the “unknown” will open up. At that time, we must have had the learnings and humility to permit the Word to express itself into a form. This journey and experience for an inventor, and an artist is the same. And the experience itself will be sublime, not an ‘awe’. When we recollect the experience it is an awe. The great Mathematician, Ramanujan when he tries to explain his life and work he says, “An equation means nothing to me unless it expressed a thought of God.” Let us not shrink the vastness of the Unknown, trivialising Shiva. Rather, let us begin by learning to marvel beauty of a form using silence, because in silence alone Truth reveals itself.

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